Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Internet Calls Me an Old Lady is a website that analyzes blog text and predicts the gender, age, and mood of person behind the posts. Curious at this new technology, I entered in my blog for analysis. The result was unexpected.

Pictured above: I am a very old lady. This may be the first recorded instance of the internet being inaccurate.

My mind is still reeling at how this computer program thought I wrote like a female in need of geriatric care. But, hey, I might as well embrace it. If I'm going to increase my blog traffic, I'm going to need to hit that most coveted of demographics: senior women.

Here is a preview of some of the titles for my upcoming posts:

“Grand-kids: Their Music is Too Loud”

“46 Crocheting Tips That Put Knitting in Its Place “

“That Cashier Has Too Many Tattoos”

“Top 10 Cruise Lines for Complaining to the Waiter During Dinner”

"How To Be an Adorable Racist"

“What's a 'Blog'?”


  1. I was a reader of your mother's blog. I miss her straight words which is not commonly seen in Japanese women.
    I am a LMD and have an office in downtown of a fairly large city in Japan. Your English is not easy to appreciate, harder than
    Harrison's. But I will try to follow, beause yuor essay is interesting enough and may help to brush up my English digestive skill.