Monday, July 19, 2010

Ad Astra, Per Facebook

Best internet ad of the week has to go to Facebook. Here's what I found on my Facebook homepage a few days ago:

Pictured above: Seersucker sale and NCAA Football! Facebook simultaneously knows me too well and not at all.

Here's some advice, Facebook. Your target demographic you are trying to reach does not exist. Here is a handy Venn diagram to help you with this.

Pictured above: You will notice that, despite insane people both enjoying seersucker or purchasing textiles via social networking, even the most marble-deprived will never do both.

I'm looking forward to the day when ads get perfectly specialized towards the unique interests of individuals. But for now, I can only dream...

“Hey, Sai! H & M just threw a bunch of clothes into the dumpster in the alley. Great deals on seersucker suits!”


  1. It took entirely too long for seersucker to work its way into this blog. I confess myself disappointed.

  2. One time, I almost wore a seersucker suit, but then after a moment, I thought of 400 other things I would wear before a seersucker suit.