Sunday, May 1, 2011

Speed Dating 3: Vulcan Nerf Gun Edition

So, I went speed dating. Again.

Pictured above: It's important to place the name-tag near the pocket square. It sends a message. And that message is "Hi! I'm Sai, and I hope you are ready for disappointment!"

In any case, here (again) are some out-of-context quotes from the evening:

"I took the job hoping for free botox injections."

"I keep a vulcan nerf gun under my desk."

"Wait, you seem really young. This is for 33-43 year-olds, right?"

"Why won't you teach me how to swing dance!?"

So, overall, it was an amazing night. As a reward, I bought myself a new straw hat to go along with my new sunglasses.

Pictured above: Now all I need is my own Columbian drug cartel.


  1. So, you asked that second woman out, right?

  2. I am adding a vulcan nerf-gun to my wish list for this Christmas!

    You also need some kind of facial hair to go with the Columbian drug cartel. Hahaha.

  3. Yeah, definitely looks like you've escaped some white-collar crime and decided to pull an Andy Dufrane, move to Mexico, and sip virgin pina coladas.

  4. you look like don draper in that straw hat.