Saturday, June 5, 2010

These Hipsters Don't Lie

There are lot more hipsters here in Chicago than in Lawrence, but how does the quality of the Chi-town hipster compare to that of the Larryville variety? Time for a head-to-head competition.

L-Town Lady: The Indian Intellectualista

This is some lady I found in downtown Lawrence. The Indian bangles on her left wrist are hidden from view, but we are treated to full-frontal hipsterdom regardless. The colors of these clothes, the mix of darks and brights, really sell it. The bright red bag makes a strong statement, and that statement is "this bag is red". These together make a good outfit, but is there enough irony? I'll bet this girl actually cares about India.

Chi-Town Lady: The Shanghai Sensation

This is some lady I found in downtown Chicago. The glasses and cardigan are classic counter-culture constants, but what really sells her outfit is the nearly-seersucker shirt with the winged collar. The book in her right hand shows an ironic value for antiquity, but masks her probable deep dependence on the technological tangle of Apple's Information-Phone (iPhone).

So who wins? Nobody. The irony of this blog post cancelled out any irony from these hipsters. All of you out there need to get on board with New Sincerity.


  1. I like you for this post a lot.

  2. Obviously the L-town hipster wins out: you can't be a hipster if your hips aren't emphasized. Her empire waist emphasizes a natural curvature. If she were to walk, she, like all Lawrence hipsters, would indeed swagger (a real feat in the flats that have consumed hipsterdom), hips swinging pendulum-like, emulating the shifts in fashion to which she inevitably succumbs.

    The Chi-town hipster, in her long, buttoned cardigan, presents a rectangular image. Your eye moves upwards to her face, where her personality is displayed on a cute, if masculine, collar and beneath androgenous glasses. No true hipster has enough motivation to propel through the gender divide with such force. Better to prance around in the sunlight, decorated with memorabilia, exploring one's identity within the extreme microcosm of one's self.

    However, I will give Chi-town hipster props for her haircut. Very chic. Perhaps she should consider the sister genre "clipster," which is reserved for those with great haircuts.