Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicago Food!

My first homemade meal: vegetarian carbonara. Sautéed red onions and cucumber in a cream sauce, with parsley and basil.

Add some noodles and some eggs, and you get a mighty fine meal.

I did enjoy some pizza in Chicago today, topped with goat cheese, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes, for only $12. Look's like Go Roma is my kind of place.


  1. Based on this entry, you should change your header from "Science, Style, and..." to "Science, Taste, and..." The way I see it, knowing you many of your entries are going to be about food, so you should play off the double entendre of "taste!"

    Looks delicious, but $12? I hope you had leftovers... :)

  2. Maybe try zucchini instead of cucumbers next time? They'd have more flavor and hold up better under sautéeing.

    And I'm with Nicole, $12 is a rip. In my book Giordano's is the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago, and you get about twice the food for half the price.

  3. Yeah. It does look effin' delicious, though.

  4. Saichik!
    Hussiue just informed me about your blog and I am very excited to be able to stalk you in your adventures. Ya know...chicago is not that far from a little town I like to call West Lafayette, IN. When I am back there again (whenever that may be) you can expect some personal stalkage to occur.

    I miss you, friend! =)