Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zoos and Meerkat Hipster Haters

Readers may recall that the last time I went to the zoo, I wrote a lot about how giraffes are liars and birds hate Greeks. This time, I went to the same zoo, so this post will be neither informative nor entertaining!

Pictured above: Just like this photograph of an exotic bird scheming.

But things were cuter this time around. Just look a these meerkats.

Pictured above:
MEERKAT #1: Hey, check out this hipster with the camera.
MEERKAT #2: God, what a poser.
MEERKAT #1: Digital SLR, man! You aren't even doing it right.

And another bird.

Pictured above: I do exactly the same thing to meet ladies. Put on my bird costume and stand motionless outside of the bars.

And then to an Algerian cafe to end the afternoon.

Pictured above: The mint leaf did not succeed in navigating the Algerian water maze.

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