Sunday, June 12, 2011

Farm Fresh Dogs

Summer has finally arrived, which means that farmer's market season has officially begun. I spent yesterday morning perusing the finest beets and asparagi local farmers had to offer, which gave me a chance to practice being both an old man and an elitist.

I'm getting better at these markets, though. I recently learned a few of the secret passwords to get some of the illegal, pharmaceutical-grade turnips and the exotic, hallucinogenic danger-honey.

Pictured above: While I was walking some flowers, I also decided to pick up some dogs at the farmer's market.

To top off the day, I traveled to the Argyle area with some friends to get some Vietnamese food at Tank! Unfortunately, while taking the train, my "friends" caused a bit of a disturbance. Doug put out a cigarette in a kid's face, Mitali kicked out a nun's knees, and Nicole just kept yelling "Thizz face! Thizz face! Thizz face!" This is why we don't get to go anywhere nice.

Pictured above: Riding the subway never looked this awkward.


  1. Cowboy Bebop was a timeless gem. If I ever get a grandson, I will watch it with him again. (No pressure, everyone, including Ryan)

  2. I see. You've replaced me. Explains why you've decided not to come home. Well, I bet her mom isn't paying you as much as mine.