Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spanish Monks

I am a self-proclaimed expert in many fields: Wolf-man tracking, antique vase appraisal, pan-flute whittling, etc. But I also know a few things about men's fashion. That is why I was so surprised when I learned about a new kind of men's shoe this week: the monk.

Pictured above: I now know the difference between oxford, derby, and monk shoes. Wow, that sounds way more pompous when I say that out loud. Can pretension count as a hobby?

Yes, the monk shoe has a buckle instead of laces, making me look 45% more like Puritan pilgrim when I wear them. I feel this strange desire to get back to work and accuse some ladies of witchcraft. They are also made of genuine Spanish leather, Diego, which makes me concerned as to why they were only $14 in a Kansas thrift store. Perhaps they are cursed, or perhaps the cobbler just spoke with a lisp.

I also perused the famous Big Lots of Topeka to get some $8 watches. One black, one brown, of course, to match my belt and shoes.

Pictured above: I like their fake brand names. "Episode" just reminds me of THIS and Callezio sounds like an Italian appetizer that I don't want to eat for some reason.

Anyway, back to eating dinner with my mom.

Pictured above: Yeah, that's right. I told you I was Japanese.

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