Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High School Yearbook

I was flipping through my old high school yearbook, and I thought I should share with you some actual excerpts from it. I think they illustrate well who I was in high school.

"Keep writing in that Xanga!"

"You [are] very smart & very talented Thankx [sic] so much 4 helpn [sic] me w/ math homework. Your [sic] so sweet."

"Not only do you have an IQ of 500000, but you can chop wood w/ ur hand."

"You will fall by my hand."

"You may be one of the least Japanese-looking Japanese guys I've met, but it's not your fault you're freakishly tall."

"Man, I'm gonna miss you. And not just cause you help me and let me take your food and could probably kill me w/ your bare hands."

"You are the coolest guy who knows karate party"

"Your [sic] such a P.I.M.P. and a real 'G'."

Those were the days.


  1. Sai, seems like not a lot has changed, you still make loyal friends by intimidating them with stories of how you could kill them with your hands :P. Also, quit being such a P.I.M.P.!

  2. I preferred the post-Xanga rose-symbology expert with golden highlights.

    But this newest edition isn't terrible.

    Also, how long does your mom (or, Nabuko, since I know you read this I'll just ask you directly) cook the eggs to get the whites cooked and yolks runny? Please, someone, post the answer on facebook or text me or something, because I really want to know!