Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tumultuous Travels to Topeka

Chicago's winter is overstaying its welcome. We all were happy to pull our scarves from our accessory closets and say the word "sleet" a lot back in January. We all enjoyed the playful little blizzard that dumped a caricaturical amount of snow on the hipsters' fixie bikes. But now it is late March, and since I have still not developed a thick layer of insulating blubber (despite my 2 sticks of butter per week minimum), I was forced to migrate south for Spring Break. Ah, the vast, scorching plains of Kansas will surely warm my frostbit heart.

Pictured above: Topeka rules!

Yes, I am back in Kansas. Home of the #1 ranked college basketball team and the #1 ranked anti-gay, military funeral picketers. This is my home. The state where I rose to fame and power at a public university, which I still defend was not just a few textbooks in a barn (there was also the Medical School barn).

Pictured above: You can almost hear the flowers saying, "I can't believe I went to a state school! What am I going to do with a bachelor's degree in Photosynthetic Theory?"

But enough for now. I should get back to enjoying the quiet dignity of returning to the home of my childhood.

Pictured above: Mom, I can't sleep here. I'm worried the fluffy cloud blanket and pink sheets may just be too masculine.

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