Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pun Ogre-Load

I miss the days when graffiti was just a charming tag on the side of a library calling someone “gay”. But the hipsters in Wicker Park have taken it too far with their “ironic vandalism” of a respectable musical.

Pictured above: I'm not sure which is scarier: a Shrek musical or an army of Shrek characters with the heads of babies. Scratch that, it's definitely the baby army.

Thank you, Wicker Park, for providing the subject of my nightmares for the next two weeks. Though I am impressed that Shrek: The Musical is progressive enough to have an all-baby cast. Babies have faced discrimination in the theatre for decades. Most infant roles on Broadway are given to non-babies, and usually to Kevin Kline.

Pictured above: I have it out for this guy. He made me cry when I watched De-Lovely, which is unforgivable.

However, I was pleased to discover that our friends at Dreamworks are still working those ogre-related puns. Here were some other ones from the studio.

“Cooking with Shrek: How to Use Left-Ogres” [Shrek as guest with Rachel Ray on the Food Network]

“Operation Ogre-lord: Shrek the Nazi-killer” [Proposed sequel to both Shrek 4 and Inglorious Basterds]

“I wish I worked Ogre at Pixar” [Angry note by a fired Dreamworks writer]

“I Ogre-stepped my boundaries” [Dreamworks CEO on sexual harassment lawsuit]

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  1. ok, the baby heads was a poor choice, but Shrek the Musical? there is nothing respectable about that.