Saturday, August 7, 2010

Elevator Exchange

Occasionally, I will share the elevator in my apartment with other humans. My exchanges are usually unusual.

Here is one such instance, between me and some guy looking for his friend in the building:

ME: [I enter the elevator, holding the door for SOME GUY. I punch in my floor number.] What floor are you going to?

SOME GUY: Apartment #1003, that's on the 10th floor right?

ME: That would be my best guess. [pause] It's too bad, though. I really should know this. I've been to every single apartment in this building except for #1003.

SOME GUY: You must be a popular guy.

ME: No, I just lie a lot.

[Awkward laughter. SOME GUY exits the elevator on the 10th floor.]

1 comment:

  1. ...creeper. now he just thinks you sleep around, or that the miantenance man is excessively friendly.

    no caps in response to your over-capped entry above.