Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vikings and Getting Cookie-Wasted

What is the best kind of brunch restaurant? WRONG! The answer is the viking-themed restaurant Svea.

Pictured above: The menu is very misleading. The restaurant is not on a rickety boat, but you can have the waitress vigorously shake your chair and yell, "Rough seas ahead!" It is customary to tip based on her ability to do a Norse accent.

And what do these cutthroat warriors eat for breakfast?

Pictured above: "We will burn down their village and pillage their gold! And then we will take a break for pancakes and jam! And then back to the pillaging!"

Queasy from both the simulated water turbulence and potential lingonberry overdose, I needed to take a break. This is how I discovered the Cookie Bar.

Pictured above: I wish every bar in Chicago were like this. I could sidle up to the bartender, ask what's good, and they would pull out a cookie sheet with fresh cookies from behind the bar.

I'm not one for drinking, but if anyone wants to join me, you should totally get cookie-wasted with me.

Pictured above: I really want one, but I don't think I can bring myself to order it. Girls might be listening.

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  1. Just reading about all that flour, sugar, and butter increased my cholesterol to a dangerous level. And don't even pretend you can't say minty num-num; really, you want to say it so badly!! I know it!