Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Brief Glimpse into My Cellular Telephone

Below is an exchange of actual text messages I sent to my (new) best friend after we got back from a coffee-shop that had piles of Trivial Pursuit cards at each of the tables.

ME: So, it turns out reading trivial pursuit cards is way more fun than it should be. We should do that again sometime.

E: Maybe with more modern trivia cards.

ME: Just as long as the answer to everything is still Hitler.

E: Did you know Hitler was a vegetarian?

ME: Did you know Hitler was rejected from art school for "unfitness for painting"?

E: Did you know Hitler was afflicted with monorchism?

ME: Did you know Hitler sold postcards in Vienna for four years?

E: Did you know Hitler refused to travel on a zeppelin because they "were against nature"?

ME: Did you know Hitler was a werewolf?

E: False. Vampire.

[time passes]

E: Did you know that Mussolini was once an elementary school's schoolmaster?

My life is becoming more and more like Portlandia. And maybe I should start a cell-phone texting service called "Instant Hitler Faxx!"

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  1. I am no expert, but I doubt all this Hitler talk would lead you to better love life, if such a thing is in your interest.