Sunday, July 10, 2011

So, Ivan Pavlov Walks Into a Bar...

I love Japanese food as much as the next half-Japanese guy, so you can imagine my excitement at getting some authentic food from my homeland. This time, it was a lovely establishment called Ginza Restaurant. However, I had to go with my "friends," many of whom haven't even BEEN to Japan. For insurance, I brought along a full Japanese person, but it turned out we didn't even need her, since I knew the Japanese password ("I have brought shame to myself and my family").

Pictured above: You heard me. I don't need you.

It was a fun night, as we were celebrating the end of our first summer research rotations. My friend Diego just ended his time in a pschiatric laboratory, so there were pyschology jokes abounds.

Pictured above: "And then the bartender says, 'That's not MY unconditioned stimulus!'"

Afterwards, as is tradition when I spend time with these people, I bought a cake/pie and try to consume it in its entirety. I failed.

Pictured above: I'll bet Kobayashi could have eaten it, along with the paper plates and glass table.

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