Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Photography

On my blog, I often will post digital photographs of the events that transpire during my life, a virtual "pictoral blog" or "plog." For those interested in matching my photographical prowess, here are some helpful hints to match my skill level.

1. Get it right, get it tight

Pictured above: Just get up in there. Let's see those walnuts on those Anise-spiced vanilla cookies. No, closer. Let's get right on that amchur powder.

2. When it doubt, sad it up

Pictured above: Oh, how artistic. These sad flowers, signifying something, have been abandoned on the subway train, which signifies something else.

3. Photo-bombing

Pictured above: To be fair, this is actually more of a full-on photo-assault.

4. Food pics

Pictured above: A good photograph can make any food look good. For example, this cupcake filled with sand actually looks edible.


  1. You crack me up

  2. My favorite post for so many reasons. Thank you :)