Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Profiles in Courage: Roberto

As you might have guessed, my good friend Roberto visited me a few days ago. Since he was my old roommate at K.K. Amini Scholarship Hall, he was able to muster the courage to actually spend an entire weekend with me. For his honor (and sacrifice), this post is a list of some of his admirable attributes.

1. Punctuality

Having spent a semester studying abroad in Italy, Roberto has mastered the art of the "Italian Entrance", which is where you arrive two hours late and order the smallest coffee on the menu.

Pictured above: Oh, and he also loves pasta. Roberto is set to straight up murder some noodles.

2. Fearlessness

Roberto fears no man, nor is intimidated by any woman. Why, just this weekend, he approached some giant lady to ask for directions. But then, things got weird.

Pictured above: "Dude, did you at least get her digits?"

3. Gratitude

While staying with me, he was quite the upstanding guest. He acknowledged my extreme generosity in granting him the finest accommodations I had to offer: TWO inflatable pools rafts to sleep on, TWO sheets, and HIS CHOICE of pillow or saucepan.

Pictured above: You love it. YOU LOVE IT.


  1. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of accommodations you would provide me when I visit you next month. Do I have to inflate the rafts myself?!

  2. A year? It took you a year to use our luxe air mattresses? Pfft. Thank goodness we didn't bring you fresh colorado peaches, or a 2010 almanac.

  3. Man, if I'd have know about the 4 star accommodations your guests receive, I'd have already crashed your living room. Permanently.