Friday, May 21, 2010

Prologue (Part II): Memories

I discovered evidence of my early nerdhood while rummaging through my room. As per internet requirement, photographic data will be presented in the most nostalgic of tones: sepia.

Exhibit A: Robots

As a kid, I loved constructing model robots (technically mobile suits for those familiar with the Gundam universe [or Gundam-verse]). There was a time when I thought there was nothing cooler that giant robots destroying things. To be fair, I am partly Japanese, and city-wide destruction is responsible for approximately 90% of Japanese cinema.

Exhibit B: Shells

Almost a clich├ęd element of my past affirming my career in the biological sciences, I found a bag full of shells and fossils that I collected as a youngster. It's weird that now I can name the phyla/class/order of these. Bivalves, gastropods, and even corals make an appearance. I'm not sure which is nerdier: collecting shells for no reason or identifying shells by their phylogeny.

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  1. Clearly, identifying shells by no reason is the nerdiest.