Sunday, April 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: Frontier

Today, I will review the prestigious Frontier, the most aggressively Midwestern and post-ironic, hipster restaurant in all of Wicker Park.

Dish #1: Crab Benedict
Pictured above: While I question the authenticity of a true prairie family harvesting the crabs and benedicts necessary for this entree, I did finally understand how the Midwestern Native Americans truly did use every part of the benedict. 6 out of 8 stars.

Dish #2: Bacon Omelette
Pictured above: Granted, was it the best omelette I've eaten? No. Was it the most recent omlelette I've eaten? Yes. 17 out of 23 stars.

Dish #3: Rabbit and Waffle
Pictured above: Man, "Rabbit and Waffle" was my favorite early 90's British claymation series. Also, it turns out deep-frying anything and covering it in maple syrup makes it awesome. ONE THOUSAND STARS.

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