Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brass Stays and the World's Saddest Mascot

This weekend, I explored Andersonville. I had heard glowing reviews from my friends who stated that is was both "really far away" and "definitely a place," so I wanted to check it out. But I wasn't expecting to be confronted with a demon from my childhood.

Pictured above: Yes, that is the actual logo for this Japanese math program (of which I graduated from while in high school). Nothing says "daily math worksheets" like a smiley face with an expression of utter hopelessness.

I needed to cleanse my mind-palette, so I went over to the Brown Elephant thrift store and picked up a vintage messenger bag.

Pictured above: From the state of it, I would guess that its last content was a letter expounding the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

I was also fortunate enough to get a free $50 gift certificate to Paul Stewart. But since all they have there are $500 cashmere-blend, hand sewn, tailor-fit, bespoke argyle umbrellas, my options were limited.

Pictured above: Brass collar stays! Nothing says "dandy" like fashion accessories that cannot be seen. Transformation complete.

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  1. Ryan, Bonnie and I were just talking about Kumon today. Yes, Kumon is everywhere now in U.S.A.