Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wine Accident, or Wine Murder?

This was quite the weekend. I was able to scratch several items off my bucket list, that is, things I want to do before I drop out of medical school and open my bespoke bucket business.

First, I had a homemade ginger ale from a local Asian eatery. You could tell it was made with real ginger, because it had that unique onslaught of violent ginger flavor rocketed into your taste buds.

Pictured above: In-house ginger ale (with violence).

I also ate Thai doughnuts!

Pictured above: My two favorite things: doughnuts and Japanese stereotypes.

[Note: above two photos courtesy of Miss Mitali]

But food aside, I also fulfilled a lifelong dream to solve a murder in a grocery store. While at Jewel-Osco (named such because Osco didn't want to change its surname to Jewel), I discovered a bottle of wine that befell a tragic end.

Pictured above: Such senseless spilling of alcohol. But to be fair, everyone knows that the red wines live in a worse neighborhood than the whites.

I flashed my Northwestern detective badge and put together a crack squad of the floral center girl, the deli guy, and the free-liquor-samples guy to solve the case. Little did I know that one of them may be the culprit...

And finally, I wore my tobacco-brown suit for the first time when I went to a fancy restaurant with Ro last night. And I even surprised myself in how little I embarassed my friends at the restaurant.

Pictured above: Ah, it's like being a scrawny, awkward Don Draper.


  1. I am not sure which is most upsetting: annoying peace signs, blatant disrespect to ginger, which is like a family to me, or spilt wine. (By the way, do you know spilt is underlined in red here but I refuse to use spilled, which is for common people.) Anyway, it's a good thing I wasn't there with you, because I would not have resisted the urge to slurp wine on the floor like a dog.

  2. ... You didn't say who killed the wine. You can't say you solved a murder, and then not release the culprit. The public has a right to know, Det. Folmsbee

  3. Sai,I read this post today. When you see two hits, it was really one read and then a second hit for this comment.

    No use in crying over *spilled* wine.