Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sno' Money, Sno' Problems

Once again, I have an upcoming exam, so I will have to keep this update short. I do, however, promise you all a very special episode of The Sartorial Skeptic next week, so stay tuned. For this week, I will recap the light snow we got here in Chicago on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pictured above: "Oh, don't worry. I can't imagine that I'll need waterproof boots in Chicago."

Pictured above: Waiting for the bus. To be honest, I was expecting roves of snow-motorcycle gangs to be running the city by now.

Pictured above: Ha, ha! Your fixed gears cannot save you now, hipsters.

Pictured above: Crossing the street is a risky endeavor. It is considered customary to shove other pedestrians onto oncoming traffic if you feel they are taking too long climbing over the snow hill.

Pictured above: My brother, like all bears, was re-thinking his decision to come out of hibernation.

Pictured above: "Don't worry, honey. I'll shovel out our car. How bad could it be?"

Pictured above: Probably not everyone's favorite neighbor.

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