Thursday, June 21, 2012

Post-Boards Vacation

To celebrate the end of Step-1, I enjoyed a small vacation at Serenity Springs, which had much better availability than Atrocity Falls.

Pictured above: The cabin. It's a bit shy.

Pictured above: The porch of the cabin. Underneath, you can see a light that we could turn on to signal the office that we requested their service. I misinterpreted it as a game of "How-Fast-Can-You-Make-The-Light-Go-On-And-Off," of which the management was not pleased.

Pictured above: There was a patio set on top of the bathroom. Apparently, sharing our bungalow were two, unsociable ghosts.

Pictured above: Each morning we were set a breakfast basket. Look, we don't need your charity, Serenity Springs. We are perfectly capable of eating breakfast ourselves. Give me a break.

Pictured above: They send us a word scramble for fun, which we DOMINATED using our welcome card as scratch paper. Can you unscramble our scrambles? Hint: It's not corpuscle.

Pictured above: They also provided s'mores, which probably could have used a little s'less chocolate.

Pictured above: You probably would guess that this is a sunset, but it's actually a raging forest-fire caused by an unfortunate, large-scale s'moring accident. It was beautiful, and, like, 50 people died or something.

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